the annual exceptional woman business conference

Power of the Past - Force of the Future

This 1-day event will connect women globally to powerful speakers, authors, educators and entrepreneurs. This will be a hybrid live and virtual event. This AMAZING experience was designed to empower, inspire, and UNITE women in business. Be in the room to meet women that are operating some of the most LUCRATIVE businesses of today. 

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The annual business conference is coming august 27!

For All business owners, corporations, local governments and municipalities

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Sunday August 28th

Elevate your business practices and ensure that your company has an evergreen DEI program to improve morale, retention, education, and relevence within today's competitive job market! 


MEET women leaders from around the world that were "the first" within their industry TO the future women leaders of today and beyond

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  • C-Suite Women
  • Women Owners
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Women Speakers
  • Women in Politics
  • Women in Sports









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What’s more: We don't just talk about it.

nominate a non-profit

We are not only calling for Speakers, Sponsors, and Vendors who understand and value the exceptional woman; we are searching out Non-Profits who need our help NOW!  This tour will create real change for those who attend and the community around us!  Our Speakers will be selecting a business they believe is deserving of an Exceptional Woman Grant BUT we want to leave no opportunity behind SO tell us who needs us!

Two events that will take your business into new levels of profitability



KNOWLEDGE will always bring POWER! As a businesswoman your goal must be to always position yourself to be in the right rooms for infinite possibilities. We want to open the right WINDOW of opportunity for you to step into your next level. Secure your seat with GLOBAL Women thought leaders, industry influencers, and industry titans at this powerful conference. Learn from some of the FIRST women in business that FORGED new opportunities for women within some of the most powerful corporations on the planet. Be in the room to meet women that are operating some of the most LUCRATIVE businesses of today. 

Sunday August 28th:

It is vital that your company, corporation, municipality, and government sectors implement an evergreen diversity, equity and inclusion program. The 2022 Gallup poll shows that 42% of employees today are "demanding concrete, substantial change on these issues, beyond platitudes. Recruiters must be prepared to discuss those changes and commitments." Sign up to attend on Sunday to receive vital training on how to build, improve, and sustain a program that will increase your employee engagement, retention rate, and lower the risks of losing great employees to another company. 

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Michelle often refers to her life as an UNFRAMEABLE DEGREE, as she has leveraged her years of collective first-hand experiences to become the reputable author, motivational speaker, and coach she is today. Whether she is public speaking, performing as a conference headliner/featured speaker, conducting online courses, or offering personal or professional coaching services, Michelle approaches every situation with empathy and offers vetted, executable solutions that were formed from real life experiences rather than in textbooks. This mindful deviation is what has led to Michelle’s impressive track record throughout her global career.

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